SW development

In the field of custom software development we mainly work in the domain of so-called embedded applications that run on simple electronic devices such as battery-powered sensors or similar devices. We are also able to ensure the development of tailored mobile, desktop and web applications.

We offer …

  • development of embedded applications in C language
  • mobile application development for Android / iOS
  • development of desktop applications for Windows / Linux / Mac operating systems
  • integration of the software developed into existing solutions

HW development

Within customized hardware development, we are able to develop, manufacture, assemble and test hardware exactly as required by the client.

We offer …

  • schematics design in Eagle or KiCAD software
  • PCB design in Eagle or KiCAD software
  • prototype manufacturing of developed hadware including assembly and testing
  • prototyping focused on the final look of the product using the 3D printing
  • providing services related to small-series and serial production of hardware
  • preparation of automated testing solutions for small series production of printed circuit boards

IoT consulting

In view of our previous experience with the development of our own IoT products, we are able to help solve your IoT project.

We offer …

  • project analysis
  • selection of appropriate communication technology (LoRaWAN, SigFox, NB-IoT, GSM …)
  • design of possible project solutions from collection to data processing